Scheduled Events


Any dog or cat brought to the Butler County Humane Society facility for any reason must have a rabies vaccine certificate from the vet who administered the rabies vaccine - rabies tags are not acceptable as proof of a rabies vaccine. You can bring either an original or a copy of the rabies certificate. If you do not have the certificate on hand, your vet can supply you with one upon request. If you have any questions, please contact us at 724.789.1150.

Upcoming Events

January - March

Collection Drive to Benefit BCHS. Check out the home page for a listing of all of the businesses participating in our drive!


March 9 - Tractor Supply meet & greet with adoptable animals
March 10 - Volunteer Orientation, BCHS 6pm
March 15 - PetSmart meet & greet
March 22 - Rabies and Microchip Clinic, Alameda Park Garage, 2-4pm
March 29 - BCHS Easter Open House, 10-5pm at BCHS. Bunny pics 11-1pm


April 12 - Rabies Clinic, Alameda Park Garage, 2-4pm
April 14 - Volunteer Orientation, BCHS, 6pm
April 26 - 8th Annual Fur Ball Gala, Butler Country Club, 6pm


May 3 - Fashion Show by Eye Kandy, details TBA
May 10 - BCHS Spring Fling, BCHS, 10-5. Rummage Sale, Vendors, Rabies & Microchip Clinic
May 17 - American Cancer Society's "Bark for Life" Walk, Moraine State Park
May 31 - Butler Media Group Presents 2nd Annual Pet Expo, Butler Farm Show Grounds

Contact the shelter at 724-789-1150 for more information about any scheduled event.

Download the Event Flyer here.

2014 Rabies & Microchip Clinics

Rabies vaccinations are $10 per vaccination. If you bring the records of your dog or cat's last rabies vaccination, you may be eligible to receive the three year vaccine rather than the one year vaccine. There is no additional charge for the three year vaccine.

We are hosting microchip clinics are same day as the rabies clinics being held at the Butler County Humane Society, 1015 Evans City Road, Pa 16053. Microchips are $15 at these clinics.

January 18 - 2-4pm, Alameda Park Garage
February 15: 2-4pm, Alameda Park Garage
March 22: 2-4pm, Alameda Park Garage - Includes Microchip Clinic on site!
April 12: 2-4pm, Alameda Park Garage

May 10: 2-3:30, BCHS
June 7: 2-3:30, BCHS
July 5: 2-3:30, Island Farmers Market
August 16: 2-3:30, BCHS
September 13: 2-3:30, BCHS
October 18: 2-3:30, BCHS

Microchips are $15 during clinics held at BCHS. Microchips are always available at BCHS for a walk-in charge of $25. .

Last updated: March 6, 2014