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...Adoption stories about pets adopted from the Butler County Humane Society.

If you would like to share a story about a pet you adopted from the BCHS, please send your story along with a photo attachment to humanebc@zoominternet.net.
Jetta_thumb_2 (60K) Here is the picture of Jetta that I promised to send. She is so happy in her new home. She has a big sister named Angel (yellow lab) and a big fenced in yard to play in. She sleeps with us at night and by grandma's feet during the day. She follows us everywhere and is such a loveable dog....and totally house broken! We just love her so much.

Thanks for giving us such a wonderful dog.

Andrea Wheeler

Blondie_and_Grayboy_thumb (42K) Dear Butler Humane Society,

The boys are enjoying their time together playing with toys, sleeping, and causing mischief! Now called Brooks (orange one) and Sidney (gray one). Thanks so much for helping us find our boys!!

Very truly yours,

EJ Huttinger and Katie Osan

Lilly_thumb (40K) Dear Shelter Friends,

I am doing amazingly well in my new home. My new parents had forgotten just how high a level of vigilance a puppy requires. I did eat find some pistachio shells in the garbage and they looked delicious. However, they weren't that good for me. I know this because as my new mom stepped out of the shower, I puked pistachio green on her leg. This inspired her to make yet another walk through the house "baby proofing." I caught on to the invisible fence in one day. I also show the same hoarding and retrieving behavior with chew bones as my new older brother Norbert. I have one little nick from Norbert on my lip. My parents cleaned me up and then freaked when they saw more blood. Blood really shows up on a white dog. While they were checking me out I was laughing because the other blood was from Norbert - I chomped his ear. But we're playing and cuddling very well. See attached picture.

Love to all,

Lilly Ford Williams via Susan Ford Williams

Yukon_thumb (42K) It's been a little over 5 months since we've adopted Yukon from you and I just wanted to give you an update. First, Yukon has gone through a name change... He told us he throught he looked like a "Sid", so he's been Sid for quite some time. He gets daily walks and tons, and tons of attention. He loves his best friend The Duke (As you can see in the picture). He loves kids and people. He acts a bit crazy and 3 times a day howls at the church bells that ring. All in all Sid is doing very well, and has adapted to our home, although there was a large learning curve for both of us, but we made it. Anyway, I thought that it was time to let you know how he is, and to say thank you for expediting him in to our lives. Please make sure that Megan (I think that was her name), gets an opportunity to see the picture.


Mike and Wendy

Scooby_thumb_2 (54K) Hi everyone!

Its been almost three months since we have adopted Scooby, and we absolutely love him! As I understand, Scooby had a rough first year of his life. His unfortunate situation kept him at the humane society for almost a year. Butler County Humane Society really did an awesome job preparing Scooby for a good home. Also, I would like to give a special thanks to Mike, Scooby's sponsor. With everyone's help, he has come such a long way. He has not had one accident inside the house or destroyed anything! In fact, Scooby has already graduated his first training class! We are so proud of him! Thank you BCHS for


Krista and Eric

VooDoo_thumb_2 (46K) Dear BCHS Staff:

I want to thank you all for taking such nice care of me while I was waiting for my adoption. In my new home, there were two adult female cats, including Libby, adopted in March of 2009 from BCHS, and Misty, who was a stray adopted in July of 2009. Two weeks after I got to my new home, they brought me a little female kitten, Karma, also a stray, to raise. I am enjoying playing with all of my new friends, and I am a good and patient father for Karma. As you can see, I am truly treated like royalty. They even serve me my toy mice on a silver platter!


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