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Surrendering a Pet

Currently, we are not accepting cats (surrender or stray) until further notice.

Please note that we are only able to accept animals from Butler County. Unfortunately, we do not have a large facility and are usually full to capacity with homeless cats and dogs. Therefore, we use the limited space we do have for the animals of Butler County.

If you need to surrender an animal and do not live in Butler County, please consider contacting a local shelter, or call into our facility so that we may provide you with options within your own county.

If you are considering surrendering your pet to the shelter, please read the following information:
There are more homeless animals than space available at the BCHS, so all surrendered pets will have to be placed on a waiting list. We are a no-kill facility, and therefore, when we take an animal in at the shelter they stay with us until they are either adopted or pass away; we do not euthanize to make space. Due to this, when our kennels are full we no longer have any additional space to house new animals. The time on the waiting list varies based on many factors, including but not limited to the breed of dog or cat, size of the animal, and amount of space at the shelter. Once on the list, we will contact you when a space becomes available.

The BCHS can more easily accomodate pets that are current on their vaccinations and have recent medical records since these pets can be placed almost immediately up for adoption and housed in our adoption area. Animals without a vaccination or medical history must be placed in the animal incoming area, which has limited space. Please make sure we have your vet records prior to the intake of your pet. The records may be faxed or mailed in to the shelter. If you have special circumstances or questions in regard to meeting these vaccination requirements, please request additional information. We will be happy to help you.

At the time of surrender, we will ask you to fill out a background sheet on your pet so that we will know a little about them. Please provide as much detail as possible on this sheet so that we may find the best home possible for your surrendered pet.
Also note that once you surrender your animal, you are NOT permitted to visit with them. This creates more stress for the animal in addition to already being in the shelter environment. When you surrender an animal you are signing them over to the shelter so that they may be adopted by another family. This is a binding contract that cannot be negotiated once signed.

Owner surrendered animals are accepted by appointment only, after we have called and arranged a time for them to be brought in. As a courtesy to the individuals who did call first and were put on the waiting list, anyone who appears at the shelter with an animal(s) and did not have an appointment will be charged the standard fee plus an additional $35.00 if we happen to have the room to accept the animal at that time.

Unfortunately, the BCHS cannot accept dogs or cats with a history of aggression towards other people and/or animals. Dogs or cats that are in declining health (kidney or liver failure, canine or feline distemper, feline leukemia or AIDS, etc.) must also be declined due to the fact that we do not euthanize animals at the shelter. Additionally, we cannot accept dogs or cats that are 8 years or older. In these situations, we will provide additional information or assistance in helping you make a humane decision regarding your pet.

Surrender Fees

Owner Relinquished (you must call first):

Dog/cat over 12 wks of age:$100.00
(Walk-ins will be charged $35.00 extra if we happen to have room)
Puppy/kitten under 12 wks:$50.00
Litters of 2-4 animals under 12 weeks:$100.00
Over 4 animals:$150.00


***Please contact us for your municipality's Animal Control information.
***Animals found in a municipality that does not contract with us must be paid for by the finder.
Dog/cat over 12 wks:$60.00
Puppy/kitten under 12 wks:$50.00
Litters of 2-4 animals under 12 weeks:$90.00
Over 4 animals:$150.00

Why do we require a surrender fee?
The Butler County Humane Society surrender fees help cover the costs associated with the care and treatment of the animal you are surrendering and the animals housed in our shelter.

We are a non-profit organization, and we do not receive any federal funding. We rely solely on donations, bequests, and fundraising initiatives. Therefore, we depend on collecting a surrender fee when you surrender an animal. This monetary donation will help offset some of the costs associated with caring for all of the animals, including the pet being surrendered. Surrender fees help cover the cost of food, care, staffing, and the placement of your pet in addition to any medical care that may be required.

As a pet owner, we understand that it is very difficult to surrender a pet, and that sometimes paying a fee to do so may seem like an additional burden. Here at the Butler County Humane Society, it is our promise that all surrendered pets will be cared for and placed in loving homes to the best of our abilities. Surrender fees are crucial to allowing us to provide these animals and all of the animals at the shelter with the care, love, and attention that they need. Final decisions on the intake of any animals will be at the sole discretion of the society.

The BCHS wants to help you keep your pet!
Please consider these options before relinquishing your pet:

  • If you are surrendering your animal due to behavior issues, please consider speaking with a member of our staff. We may have suggestions to help you keep your pet in your home.
  • If you are surrendering your animal due to behaviors that may be linked to a possible medical issue, please ask to speak with a staff member. We can refer you to a local veterinarian for consultation.

Here at the Butler County Humane Society we understand that surrendering a pet is a difficult decision that impacts owner and animal a like. For more information on how to surrender a dog or cat to the shelter, or to learn more about other options to assist in a difficult time so that you don't have to, please contact the shelter during regular business hours.