Senior Projects

Doing a senior project or school project at the BCHS is a great way to make a difference in your community and in the lives of our shelter animals!  To get started, please read through the following information:

Before you get in touch with the BCHS, brainstorm what you’d like the overall goal and impact of your project to be.  Come up with a list of ideas that you could possibly do: a fundraiser, an art project, or a collection drive are always popular options.  You can even list your ideas from what you’d like to do the most to what you’d like to do least.  This way when you call in and speak with our Community Outreach Coordinator you will already have a few ideas of projects that you may like to do.  This will help us guide you to a final project that will be both rewarding for you and beneficial for the BCHS.

Once you have your list of ideas, you will need to contact our Community Outreach Coordinator, Debbie Aglio. She can be reached during regular business hours at 724-789-1150 or by email at  She will be able to go over your list with you, help select the idea that will work out best, and get you started on the path to completing it as a successful project.

After a idea has been agreed upon by both parties, you will need to turn in a copy of the requirements for your project from your school that lists the deadline, overall project goal, and any other requirements or contacts that would be needed for the projects completion.

You will also need to submit a final written proposal of what you would like to do with your project and how you plan on doing it. If you want to have a collection drive or an event, how do you plan on getting it organized?  Will you want the animals to be involved?  Is it on or offsite?  Be as detailed as possible on what you envision your project to be.

From that point on, our Community Outreach Coordinator will act as a guide as far as providing any needed information on the shelter, providing the BCHS logo for any official collection sites, or offering help and suggestions as needed.  It is our hope that the BCHS will be able to provide an enriching experience through this program that fosters growth, learning, and a successful project that you can be proud of!  Please note that the BCHS takes a limited number of senior projects each year, so make sure to get in touch early to ensure that yours is considered!