Admissions Process

We understand that making the decision to surrender a pet is very difficult and we are committed to working with you to find the best possible solution for you and your pet.

If you decide that surrendering your pet to the BCHS is the right option, please be aware that we follow a managed admission policy for all incoming animals. This means that we request all owner surrenders call ahead and provide basic information about the cat or dog.  The Kennel Director will review the information and contact the owner to go over the details.  If approved, an appointment will be scheduled to bring in an animal to our facility. Utilizing a managed admission process ensures we have the resources to give each animal the best care and accommodations we can provide and allows us to properly isolate, treat and prevent illness from spreading to at-risk populations. Managing the admission of animals helps us plan and prepare and allows us to save more lives.

Things to know prior to your appointment:

Bring all veterinary records to your appointment. This will ensure that your animal will not receive unnecessary vaccinations or procedures and will expedite their medical assessment.

Allow 30 minutes at BCHS for your appointment. This will provide time to complete a personality profile so we can learn more about your pet’s temperament in the home. If you would like to save time at your appointment, please print and fill out a Personality Profile for your pet and bring it along to your appointment.

Bring the animal yourself. We will receive the most accurate information if you bring your pet in yourself. If you are unable to, we need written and signed consent from you naming another person to act as your agent and that you authorize this agent to bring the animal in on your behalf.

Bring payment. There is a considerable cost to care for and rehome pets that are in our care. BCHS asks for a surrender fee of $100 to off-set those costs and to provide the best care possible for your pet. Any donations beyond that cost are greatly appreciated. The BCHS accepts cash or credit card (no checks, except for donation purposes).